What is vex robotics?

Vex robotics is a STEM learning activity and an international competition. Students can also acquire skills such as project management, presentation skills, teamwork, leadership, PR and much more.

Each year, schools design, build, code, drive and compete with their robots through local, regional, provisional, nation competitions all in the chance of qualifying for the international championships.

Her are some links to vex websites

International website
Irish website
Still have no clue what vex is about?

VEX 123 = ages 4 - 8 (not competitive)

VEX GO = ages 7 - 11 (not competitive)

VEX IQ = primary schools (competitive)

VRC/EDR/V5 = secondary schools (very competitve)

VEX U = university/college (very competitive)

There are other robotics programs like FIRST wich are similar to vex but are completely seperate ( dont get mixed up - if it doest say VEX then its not VEX)

As being a seconday school team we compete in VRC - the main competition